01 September 2009

I'm not picky

Really, I'm not. i just like what I like and want what I want. And right now, more than anything in this world, I want for my family to start picking up and cleaning up after themselves instead of acting as if just because I no longer have a paying job that I am the maid.

For the most part they will clean up after themselves, however they have this really bad, and I mean bad habit of not cleaning up the bathroom behind themselves. Especially the toilet, if you get what I mean. And it wouldn't be so bad if it were not for the fac that it is always my bathroom that gets used and left dirty.

We have three, 1, 2,3 bathrooms in this house. I have mine which is shared with the guest bathroom being that it is on the first floor of the house. There are two up stairs. One that is in the guest bedroom, which Jeremiah has taken over, thinking that it is now his. And the main bathroom with the tub in it, that the girls use and claim as theirs.

With all these bathrooms in this house, why do they continue to feel the need to use and not clean mine. I don't use theirs, yet I still make sure that it is clean. If they have not cleaned it properly, I will either do it myself or show them how to do it right. Why can't they simply do the same in return!!!!

I will never understand this!!

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Leah said...

it's simple...you'll always be there to do it for them and they won't appreciate it (or you) til they leave home!