20 March 2008

last post for now

today is my last post till i am in italy and can find a computer.....the movers will be here next thursday and/or next friday....we had to give them two days....for some reason they want to come and look at what they will be packing before they actually pack it or something like that.....we will then be spending saturday cleaning the carpet and doing any touch up painting that may need to be done so that we can turn in the house keys......i am not sure if we will be in a hotel or if we are going to stay with stephens parents for the next two days or so, mostly likely we will stay in a hotel because we are flying out of fayetteville and they live in goldsboro....so anyways....we fly out on the 2nd at i believe 3 or 4pm and arrive in italy sometime around 10pm on the 3rd.....we have two stops....we are going to charlotte from here, where we will have a two hour delay and from charlotte we fly to london.....we get to london at 8 in the morning and dont leave till 6 at night.....way way long layover, but it gives us the opportunity to sight see london for free....well, almost free...we would need to take a train to victoria station which is like 40 dollars for all of us....the train takes 30 mins and i am hoping that as long as everyone is not too tired from the flight that we will be able to walk around london for a few hours to see some things.....i think it will be good for several reasons.....

i think that if we can muster up the strength to go out and see london in that time rather than to just sit at the airport, it will help us with the jet lag.....i believe this because we will be on a night flight over there and hopefully everyone will be able to sleep....we can spend the day in london(not sleeping in the terminal)and then make the hour and 45 min trip to pisa, landing there at 10, check into our hotel and go straight to bed....

i also think that it would good for us to see london while we have the time and it only cost 40 dollars because we may not get the opportunity to see london again.....it is on our wish list of places to go, but that list is HUGE.....we want to see and do so many things that london might not happen in the time that we are there.....so i say seize the opportunity while it is available......

until i "see" you all again, take care and God bless!!

16 March 2008

author unknown

before i begin, let me just say that i in no way, ever intend to offend or upset anyone with my posts.....

military pride runs deep in my family.....my pawpaw fought in war....my great grandfather fought in war....my daddy retired from the army.....my brother is a marine stationed in japan......his wife was in the air force.....my father in law is retired air force......i have an uncle and a cousin that were both in the air force....i have a cousin right now that is hopefully going to be on his way home from his 3rd or 4th tour in iraq soon.....my daughters father(the x-husband) was in the army and my husband now is in the army....he has served in bosnia, did his tour in korea and been to iraq twice......

i am a very proud and patriotic american.....have been since birth.....it runs in my blood and is a huge part of my heritage, making me who i am today.....it did not take a catastrophic event like sept 11 to make me fly a flag or tie a yellow ribbon....or a horrid war to make me say thanks to the military.....so with all that being said, i will now tell you what this is all about....

im a writing today in reference to a comment left anonymously on my S&T for this past friday.....i deleted the comment in a moment of frustration that now i wish i had not....next time, i will leave it for all to read and see....

the comment was not about my S&T itself, but rather about the move update i did at the very beginning of the post.....obviously they had also read my post for that thursday as well and felt that i was being a whinny baby and asking for thanks and a pat on the back that did not belong to me, but to my husband.....because it was he who was in the military and not me (not quoted, but the gist of it)....and all that was followed by the infamous "YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WERE GETTING INTO BY MARRYING A MILITARY MAN!!!"

first off those are words that should be considered a sin unless you yourself are a military spouse....we say that amongst ourselves as one spouse to another,as a way to keep up our own strength.....if you are not a military spouse, you dont know what it is that we do or do not do to even be able to say that.....

secondly, i am not sure if i came off as being a whinny baby or not....if so, i am sorry.....all i can say is that i am only human and the flesh is weak at times....i read over both posts to see where i might have come off as whining.....the only thing i see is that i made a comment about us really wanting to make this move together, therefore it would suck if stephen had to go before us.....i guess i forget that not everyone knows me that well and would know that i was making reference to the fact that we have been married for almost a year, with only three of those months spent together as a family.....and before i go any further, yes, we are truly blessed that stephen did return home safely to us and we thank GOD every day for that.....

and thirdly, i say this....to the unknown author, do me a favor and take a look at your life.....inventory all the things that you have been blessed with.....all the liberties and experiences that have been so freely given to you(leaving comments like that)...once you have done so, find someone in the military, no matter the branch....no matter if they are active, retired, reserves, or national guard....shake their hand....tell them thanks....find their spouse and kids, tell them thank you...because it is because of all of them, from the founding of our country to the end of life as we will know it, that you have, and will continue to have what you have.....it is their sacrifices and hardships that make this THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.....

to my fellow bloggers, thank you for your kind words and prayers....they are much appreciated.....much needed and much loved by our family.....we will continue to pray for you as well.....and to those of you in my shoes or that have ever been in my shoes....thank you for the sacrifice that you and your family made for me and mine....we love you for that....

in closing,(i know this has gotten really long)i would like to send out a personal thank you to ALL of the military members and their families.....thank you for what you did, what you do, and what you will continue to do for me and my family.....we will continue to pray for strength and courage for each and everyone one of you.....GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

14 March 2008

Show and Tell

sorry that my post is soooo late, but i have had a super busy day.....ill tell you about that real quick.....if you read yesterday's post you know that the army decided to change some things on us and it was going to push our move back.....well this morning, things changed AGAIN.....stephen has his orders and the kids and i still have to wait.....we have spent the day trying to do anything and everything to rush them......chances are that he will leave before us.....no biggie, just sucks a little because he has only been home for four months and we really wanted to make this move together......

today's post may end up being my last for a several months......while my stuff is floating on a boat over to italy.....i will try my best to get to a computer and at least still look at all the great show and tells till i am up and running again.....so anyways, thats the update as of today......on to my s&t.....

i would like to introduce you to sarah, the dashing redhead, and annabell, the beautiful Blondie.....im not a huge collector of dolls, but these two are special to me and i love them dearly.......they were both given to me by my mawmaw.....

annabell is 28 years old.....she was given to me when i was born......she has made many a moves with me over the years and has the wear to prove it.......her dress is very simple and white with light blue flowers and ribbon embroidered on it....she has white lace up boots and frilly panties......her hair is a major mess but i am too afraid to mess with it.....her face has faded some, but still has bright baby blues and Rosy red lips........

now sarah, on the other hand, i have only owned now for the last two or three years.....she belonged to my great grandmother.......im not sure where the name sarah came from, but it stuck......she is wearing a lovely light pink cotton dress with a lace overlay on the skirt, neckline, and cuffs....she also wears lace up boots.....her undies are more traditional to the times, as they go from neck to toes.....her face is white as white can be and she has small coral colored lips.....unlike annabell,who only has one painted nail left, sarah has all her nails panted.....mawmaw used to say that she looked she was getting ready to be "courted".....

13 March 2008

moving update

ok, so i know that i already told everyone that we will be leaving sometime next week, well.....thats not quit right....if you know anything about the army,you know that things can change at the last minute.....

we are still going to italy, but not until sometime around the 15th of april....reason being is that stephen was denied going because jeremiah cannot go.....the army, or rather efmp(exceptional family member program)said that the place that we were going in italy was not equipped to treat or handle his asthma.....after finding this out, stephen began to see if we could to germany or even somewhere else stateside that jeremiah could go.......that turned out to be a big NOTHING, except of course for two options.....

stephen was told that he could still go italy just that jeremiah couldnt.....and if he did not take the assignment to italy he would be sent to korea for a year by himself (option1)...then he was told that if he did not take korea, he would have to stay here at fort bragg and that by staying here he would be deploying again in december(option2)......so as you can see, he didnt have many choices.....and i was honestly no help at all in this one because i did not, couldnt not, and would not be the one to make the decision to go to italy and not take jeremiah......

he weighed his options and choose to go to italy.....and so now we are having to start the whole moving process over again with all of the physicals and efmp screenings and everything......so our new projected date to leave is around the 15th of april........

10 March 2008

I've been tagged for Crazy Eights

My IRL friend Leah tagged me to participate in a meme. So, here are several things in groups of 8, that tell you a little about me!

8 things I want to do before I die

1. Encourage my children continue to be Christians and live a saved life.
2. Grow old with Stephen.
3. Be an inspiration to my children.
4. Have a house full of grands and great grands to love and spoil.
5. Learn to quilt.
6. Become the best person that i can, the one that God wants me to be.
7. Teach my children to appreciate life in a way that I am just discovering(borrowed from Leah cause it's just too good not to).
8. Re-build some old family bonds, not just for me but for all of my family.

8 things I say often

1. No.
2. Stop.
3. Not nice.
4. Good job.
5. I'm proud of you!
6. I love you.
7. Not so loud.
8. Thank you Lord!(for every blessing we get and every day that i am allowed to wake)

8 songs I sing over and over again

1. Sally the camel
2. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
3. Mary had a little lamb.
4. Clean clean up (from barney)
5. Abc's
6. If you're happy and you know it
7. Jesus loves me
8. And i can't forget the dora theme song.

8 things I’m passionate about
1. My God.
2. Stephen.
3. My kids.
4. My family.
5. Friends (the few that i still have)
6. Cooking.
7. Reading.
8. Building a STRONG christian family.

8 books I’ve read recently
1. The cat in the hat.
2. Goodnight moon.
3. Are you my mother.
4. The foot book.
5. Thank you God for all the animals.Dancing with Degas
6. Peek-a-Boo.
7. Mr. brown can moo. can you?
8. Not his type(romance about a plus size woman getting the hot guy)

8 things that attract me to my best friends
1. Loyalty.
2. Trust.
3. Honesty.
4. Similar interests/passions
5. Similar beliefs
6. Shared experiences.
7. Not just a friend to me, but to my family as well.
8. They accept me and love me for who I am.

8 people I think should do Crazy Eights, ok I don't know 8 blogging people, sorry pretty new to this.

07 March 2008

Show and Tell

for todays show and tell i am showing off some of the things i whipped up for my son's birthday party.....his party was originally going to a superman theme, but he changed his mind on TUESDAY....he wanted a party for some dude naruto......knowing nothing about him, i spent a lot of time on the internet......

here's what i found out...naruto is a japanese anime....the story line is a ninja love story, i believe.....his toys couldnt be found in the toy stores here and i didnt have time to order anything off the internet....and i found no party supplies for him....

so i made a decorated a store bought cake (i couldnt find mt stuff to bake it myself) with a naruto decal that i made using contact paper and a print out of him.....i bought some really cool looking blue and green plates and napkins....and then headed to the local asian market to pick up some chopsticks.....i actually found some candy chop sticks....printed off some coloring pages for the treat bags and painted what is supposed to be the symbol for friendship on the front of the clear bags.....i know that they are not 100% correct because i did it myself and all the characters are supposed to be beside each other and mine are not, i couldnt get them to fit( if anyone is of japanese heritage, i apologize, i was not trying to make a mockery of your beautiful language/symbols, just trying to satisfy a ten year old kid....and then i came up with this great idea for rice crispy sushi.....

they have to be my favorite.....they are not perfect, but cute......the "sushi' with the green center is not so hot cause all the green marshmallows melted too quickly and kinda blended in with the rest of the treat.....and the "sushi" with the pink center, well those marshmallows didnt want to melt at all, so they are a bit thicker.....either way, i think that they turned out cute and the kids love them.....

we will also be having the regular chips and dip along with some healthier snack choices.....there will also be popcorn and a huge bowl of steaming ramen noodles.....according to the cartoon, naruto loves ramen......

sorry my table wasnt big enough to hold everything

i tried to put a napkin behind the writing so it be seen better

05 March 2008

hump day is here

as today is wednesday and it has always been called humped day, or atleast as far back as i can remember, i thought it would be a fitting title for todays post....

wednesday is the middle of the week and often times breaks a crazy week in half....however, for me, today is simply the beginning of a busy next few days......jeremiah is having his birthday party saturday......i have been enlisted to make his cake and put together the treat bags and arange the decorations......that is normally not a problem, especially being that i like to do things like that, but there are two problems with this birthday party.....actually more like obstacles than problems, but they are as follows.....

1.) i am planning the party with his mama at their house in goldsboro.....thats no biggie, but it does kinda leave some things to the imagination in regards to the amount of treat bags and the like....or the amount of decorations that she has to go along with what i have.......so my plan for that is to just save all the receipts for everything and if there ends up being unopened items, i will return them later.....

2.) jeremiah had originally wanted a sonic the hedge hog party......i hunted high and low and couldnt find all much in sonic....so he changed his mind to having a superman party....that seemed cool to me because i knew that superman stuff was everywhere.....but two days ago, i was told that he wanted to have a naruto party........this has turned into a challenge.....

first, i had no idea who or what a naruto even was......second, every store i went to did not have anything naruto......third, i could buy some stuff online, but 99.99999999% of it was coming from japan or china and wouldnt have been here in time for the party........

so here is what i have come up with.....i found a site that i could print off coloring pages of naruto(i printed like 40)those along with several other little party favors and even a few pieces of candy will be put into regular ole clear favor bags.......i will be decorating the outside of the bags with window paint(found at hobby lobby)....i printed off some of the japanese writing that is in the comic books(not sure what they are saying, but hey i thought it would be cool), and that will be on the sides of the bags.....i will also be using some of the same writings on regular dark blue napkins....and the plates will be the same dark blue......

since i could only find naruto shaped balloons at some chinese website that i wasnt even sure how to order from, his balloons will be basic primary colors......the girls and i are going to make him a birthday banner that we will be pasting a huge blown up picture of naruto and his friends on both ends of it......

and his cake, i am actually cheating there this year, i am not making it from scratch, not because i dont want to, but i cant seem to find my frosting tips anywhere and i dont want to buy new ones when i know i have some somewhere.....so i am getting a plain white cake with a red top and bottom border from walmart......once i get it home, i will be placing a naruto decal(that i have made myself)in the middle of the cake and adding on the candles.....i will also be "dusting" the cake with some sprinkles that i found that kinda look like the different word bubbles from comic books........

and all this starts tomorrow morning, so as you can see, my hump day is the beginning of a busy rest of the week.......wish me luck

p.s. i will post some pics later on this weekend or next week

04 March 2008

trading in for a poodle dog

again, i come to you at the wee early hour of 1:30am, with sign of sleepiness in sight......and as i sit here, i realize that i have not posted in a few days.....not because there is nothing to talk about, but because i have come to a point where i am drawing a blank......

reason being is, i am almost 100% sure, that everyone is tired of hearing about us getting ready to move to italy.....i say this because i am getting tired of talking about it......it not that i am not super excited, but rather just ready for it to finally happen......too many delays happening right now, which is slowing us down a bit.....and it seems anytime that i talk to anyone in my family, that is all that care about.....i was the same way right before i got married.....seriously, i was sooo tired of talking about it and ready for it to happen that i simply stopped talking about it.......

so anyways, on to something else......i cannot wait....i repeat CANNOT WAIT till kee is three.....three is going to be a great day for me, i mean us.....she will be two years closer to being in school(YES!), i can finally go back to work full time, without the cost of all day daycare.....she will hopefully no longer be in the terrible two's anymore......although i have been told by my parents that she is just like me and it wont be any easier at three than it is at two....but i am thinking that anything is better than this......for example....

first off, kee is a very sweet, loving little girl....when she wants to be, but here lately she has just lost her mind or something......my last few days have been spent not patching and painting nail holes like i had planned, but rather scrubbing markers, pencils, and crayons off every single wall in the house....even when i put them up, she manages to find them.....i have been cleaning up paint peelings where she has managed to peel and pull paint off her bedroom wall.....refolding laundry like three times before a load can all be put away.....and remaking beds all day long.....

and to top it off, she has learned a new, not so very nice phrase......haha.....yeah it seems harmless, but with the devilish mind of a terrible two kid, its not so funny......last night, we had a very simple dinner of cornbread, grilled chicken and lima beans.....she loves the beans and cornbread, not so much the chicken(neither of the girls really like to eat meat).....she ate her beans and cornbread and some of her chicken....she wanted more cornbread but was told to finish her chicken first.....she gets up from the table walks straight into the kitchen and throws her plate in the floor, chicken scattered everywhere and says so very proudly, "HAHA, cornbread peas".....or when she got mad at me the other afternoon after lunch when i wouldnt let her have any more to drink because she was going to take a nap and i didnt want her to pee in the bed, she stood in the kitchen and peed in her panties, followed by the now infamous "HAHA".....she hasnt had an accident in forever.....and here i am left thinking to myself......"i want to laugh, but im too mad.....do i pop her hand or just leave her be.......no i'll trade her in on a poodle dog...yeah a poodle dog thats it"

01 March 2008

recipes for the insomniac

it is now almost 2 in the morning, and as it is so very normal for me, i am wide awake.....though these dark and very quite hours are often boring, and probably going to kill me one day, i can normally find something constructive, yet not to noisy to occupy my time......sometimes i catch up on reading a book that has no pictures....sometimes i will watch a sappy lifetime movie....sometimes i work on a project or just spend time with God.....and many times, more than not, i will bake....so as i sit here tonight with nothing to bake, watch, read, or do, i thought that i might share my last night owl "baking party" recipe with you....

i grew up all over the world cause my daddy was in the army, but when it was time for him to retire, he took us right back home to his roots so to say.....we moved to opelika, alabama.....where i first remember having apple butter.....this is a recipe that i got from my mama a long time ago.....i recently made it and it tastes just as good as if she had made it herself......the recipe doesnt tell you how much it makes, but normally it will fill a medium size canning jar(somewhere between 3-5 cups)

Mama’s Oven Apple Butter

What you will need:
-8 granny smith apples. Peeled and diced
-1 cup apple juice
-1 cup sugar
-2 tablespoons cinnamon

What you will do:
-Cook diced apples and juice in a dutch oven over medium heat for 30 minutes, or until tender. Once tender, stir until the apples are mashed.
-Stir in sugar and cinnamon. Pour into a lightly greased 11x7 inch baking dish.
-Bake at 275 degrees for 4 to 41/2 hours, stir every hour.
-Cover and chill, or can.

-If it does not turn out to be the spreading consistency you like, run a mixer through it for a few minutes.
-If you prefer to use a sugar substitute, add just a squeeze or two of lemon juice.

apples courtesy of http://www.bearhaus.com/main.html