29 July 2009

cake machine

Okay, so the family and I are trying to eat more healthy and plan better snacks and treats. I have been baking much more of our muffins and as soon as I can get a bread machine, I will make alot more of our own breads too. I have always made my own cake and such. Well, anyways, we were talking the other day about how the store bought ice creams have all this "stuff" added to them which makes them not so good for you and have tried several of the no-sugar, nothing but natural ingredients kind, and to say the least, they have all fallen short.

The kids asked if either Stephen or I knew how to make homemade ice cream (they have read online that almost anything that is made from scratch is way better for you). Stephen said no, but I said kinda. I used to watch/help make it as a kid growing up. I told them that I could always get Graw's receipe, but we would have to find an Italian ice cream machine. We could use one of "ours" but that would mean that we would need a transformer and there is no room or nowhere in my kitchen to plug one up.

In the middle of explaining all this to them, Elizabeth says that she likes cake better anyways and we dont have to a machine to make that. All of a sudden Keegan's eyes brighten and she gets this look on her face like she is thinking really hard. The next thing that comes out of her mouth is that we have a cake machine. Everybody suddenly busts out laughing. She takes off in to the kitchen looking for this cake machine. Jeremiah goes after her and asks if she means the oven. She says no and starts looking through all the cabinets.

After a few mins she comes out, Jeremiah and Boo still laughing non stop, and says that she cant find it but she knows its in there. Stephen tells her that there is no such thing as a cake machine, that I make all of our cakes. She thinks on this for a few mins and finally comes to me and says, well mommy I guess you are my cake machine!!

27 July 2009

sleep...beautiful sleep

ok, so this weekend we didnt have much to do, or that we could do because miah was due home from boy scout camp sometime saturday.....so after getting up having breakfast, watching a little tv and of course working on the never ending laundry, stephen decided that he was going to take a nap.....

normally, i say again, normally, i would not take a nap in the middle of the day because i already have a hard time sleeping at night and if i nap during the day, i WONT get any sleep at night....but the thought of a nap saturday afternoon sounded so good to me and stephen's constant snoring wasnt even bothering me, so i laid down next to him on the couch......next thing i know my eyes are heavy and im asleep.......

it was beautiful little nap.....all 30 mins of it.....

so last night i slept really well.....i mean really well...but when i got up this morning, i just seemed to be exhusted.....exhusted to the point that i could not keep my eyes open.......so after all the kids had eaten breakfast, some watching t.v. and some playing the wii, i closed my eyes to take a quick nap.......this is how i was woken up....

keegan: mommy, mommy, mmmmoooommmyyyy
me: yes kee
keegan: open yours eyes
mommy: no
keegan:yes mommy
me: no
keegan: yes
me: alright, but why
keegan: because you said naps are for "little guys" that need their rest.....youre not little!!

24 July 2009

its been forever

okay, so its been almost a year since i have posted......its not that i didnt have anything to say, it just seemed to me that nothing i had to say was of interest or importance.......i started to feel as though, i was losing touch with everything.....family, friends......the world........i felt that to be a successful blogger, i had to write brilliant, funny and important things, world issues and such......

because, you see, i am a simple person, i have simple intrestes, simple beliefs and i didnt think that mattered to the world......

i have learned, through my children, though, that sometimes its the simple things in life that really do matter........so i have decided to come back......ive given my blog a "facelift" and will be blogging on a regular basis, hopefully, about the simple pleasures of life and family.....i hope that the world out there will enjoy and feel as though they too, can be a part of this new phase in my life........simplicity!!!!!!