09 August 2009

weekend retreat

Ok so Stephen and I decided to go on a marriage retreat with the Chaplain. We went on last year's retreat and learned alot about ourselves that we honestly didnt even realize we needed too. So when the retreat was offered again this year, we decided that we would go.

Last year it was held in this beautiful mountain top casa, or farm house. It was completely shut off from the world with no tvs, no phones, no radio, no computers, awesome homemade farm fresh foods. Tons of good stuff to include no heat and single beds with polite little signs that said "please do not push beds together". The setting kinda made you focus on why you were there. We loved it, and when family comes here to visit, we are planning on taking them there for a visit.

This year, it was in Garmisch, Germany. yet another beautiful mountain resort. This however, was very different. It is a military run facility that has all the latest technology. We had a wonderful time and again, learned areas in our marriage that could stand a little bit of work. But, we actually went for the right reasons, not just for the free trip to Germany. I say that because i feel very strongly that some of the couples went just for that reason.

Anyways, I strongly, STRONGLY suggest that any couple, whether you are having issues in your marriage or not, to sign up for a marriage retreat every so often. You might be amazed at the things that you will learn about yourself and your partner, for that matter, that you might not have known before. I would say to make sure that it is a faith based retreat, just because then you not only learn how to work your marriage based on some book, but the BOOK, instead.

Stephen and I have been married for a little over two years now and couldnt be happier. I believe that it is because we care enough about each other to do things like these retreats, as well as try our best to live our lives the way that God would want us to. This retreat has brought closer than we were, and I think that it came a t perfect time.

Though we normally dont have any major issues, I found through this retreat that when we do, I will be able to handle them, not better, but differently. I learned a few things about myself and abut Stephen that will help with that. And I also gained a whole new respect for my husband that I already knew was there, but took for granted at times, just by witnessing the other families there.

I was truly blessed when God brought Stephen into my life, and will do my best to cherish the man that he is for what he is. Because, he is the kindest, most caring, loving and gentle man that I could ever share my life, hopes and dreams with.

On another note, there is a book that we used during the retreat and now have at home that I think every couple should read. It is called "The five love languages" along with it's sister book, "The five languages of apology"


Anonymous said...

Just remember what you said in your blog. There are going to be times that everything isn't going to be good. Remember the vows we took together, "for better or for worst, until death do us apart". I'm glad that you couldn't be happier with me. I have flaws too and am not perfect. I said all that to say this, when times go wrong and they sometime will, "Don't Quit".

Leah said...

i'm so glad you two are together and i'm so happy you get to take those times to be together and that you're both so willing to make your marriage work! you both deserve so much happiness!