02 August 2009

weekend happenings

Well there was a ton of stuff that we did this weekend. Some was planned and some was kinda spur of the moment activities. Either way, they kept us busy and now I am worn out.

For starters, Friday I went to pay bills and grocery shop. I love my kids and all, but I will be sooooooo extremely happy when school starts back because they just dont seem to understand the importance of bill paying and food buying. All they were concerned about was if we were ever going to get done so that we could go swimming.(which did not happen) Regular household tasks like this normally only take me a few hours but for some reason, this trip took all day.

I know part of it was my fault because since I am no longer working, I am trying to save money and conserve better, so I am teaching the kids how to really find the best prices and how to utilize coupons. We have a community center type place called ACS, and they have a section that is filled with nothing but coupons that people will cut out and mail over to us(thanks to anyone that does that, AWESOME) that we are able to go through and take whatever we want. So that was one of our many stops.

They did not think that sitting at a table and digging through huge boxes of coupons was any fun or worth the time it took until we started to find a few really good ones. I was able to use those to explain the real savings we could get for a little of our time. one example that got them more into it was a coupon for new arm and hammer concentrated cleaners. It was 2 dollars off and they were on sale for 2.29. I explained that with the coupon we would only pay .29. That being said, what normally would have taken 1 hour to shop turned into 2 and a half. We did however save about 50 dollars in the grocery bill with our coupons so that in itself is a plus!

Saturday, I decided that I wanted to change rooms. I have been talking to Stephen about taking the room in the basement for awhile now and finally decided that Saturday was the day to do it. We moved two sets of bedroom furniture up and down 3 flights of stairs all day. Great workout, but big mess. I will now be spending the rest of the week patching walls and re-hanging/decorating both rooms. It is worth it though, the basement room is so much bigger and now the guest room/Alex's room will have a bathroom. Saturday was rounded off with a trip to the movies to see Angels and Demons. Turned out to be a good movie, but the book was much better.

Sunday morning came way to quick. We all got up, ate, and dressed and ready to head out the door for church when something snapped in the kids and it turned into a day that the morning was spent in deep discussions on their behavior and lack of respect. We did not make to church today, but after an all day talk on the basics of behavior and manners 101, again and some maybe not so friendly reminders of what is expected, we had a good day. We ended today by taking a new family that just got her Friday down to the tower so they could take pics and get out of the hotel.

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