12 August 2009

LOST...in translation.....seriously

So we have had some major issues with the shower in my bathroom. It has leaked for a long time and when I have had somebody over here to look at it, they always do the same things:

1)turn on sink faucet and say "va biene" ....meaning good, there's water what's the problem
2)turn on shower water and say"va biene"....meaning good, this woman is crazy, there is water
3)say "ciao ciao" and walk out the door

Well, finally the shower had started to leak so bad that it was seeping through the outside wall and running down into our garage. So, housing was called again. This time, I beat them to the punch, turned on both the sink and the shower and said "NO VA BIENE!!" and made them follow me to where it was leaking to the garage. Finally they see the issue. They look around and say, "domani". This is something that all the americans over here have a hard time getting used to because it means tomorrow and sometimes with them, tomorrow never gets here.

As it is, I have been at this shower thing for about a month now. They decided that it was time to fix it. So they show up one day last week, bright and early and start busting up all the tile and marble in my bathroom, leaving a huge hole that Keegan was scared of in the middle of the floor. They worked all day on that and then left. Yesterday, they came back to finish, which didnt happen either. They have to come again sometime today!!

To the point of this blog......

Every time that they come to the house, we have to tell them over and over again that both of our front gates have to be closed behind them EVERY time that they walk in or out. We also have to remind that we have a dog and that the front door needs to be closed as well. Normally I will put Igor in his kennel while they are here to avoid any further issues with trying to get them to understand the importance of closing the door/gates.

Igor, poor thing, HAD to use the potty, badly yesterday. I could tell by the way he was scratching and whinning at the door. I was trying to make lunch for the kids and so I asked keegan to open the door and let him out while I finished lunch. I did this without even thinking about the gates. Needless to say that by the time lunch was made, and it was a simple lunch of apples and pb&j's yesterday, Igor was gone. Nowhere to be found.

I started yelling for him and looking around. The italian workers stopped me and in very rough hand signals along with the few words I know, pretty much let me know that the "cane" went out the gate. I wanted to scream at him. These people just let our 750 Euro dog out of the yard and didnt even bother to let us know that he went out.

The sad thing about it is not the amount of money that the dog cost, but rather the heart break me and kids felt yesterday after we realized he was gone and as long as these guys were still at our house we couldnt leave to look for him. Which by the way, they did not leave my house till 5pm. So we got a little bit of searching time done last night.

The kids are out searching the neighborhood and town today looking for him. So far they have found a man down the road that said he saw Igor walking along the main street. So we are not going to give up hope yet. But the whole situation is just frustrating!!!

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Leah said...

oh my gosh stace! the poor kids..did you guys find him!?!?!?!?