07 August 2008

here goes....

ok, so leah tagged me to do this meme......i dont really know 6 other bloggers, so that is one of the rules that i will be breaking (sorry)....but here goes anyways,

Here are the rules.

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1. i love to bake, and do it all the time (when the weather is not soooooo hot)....things like cakes, cookies, breads, muffins, pies....whatever, you name it, i bake it....BUT, the crazy thing is that i rarely ever eat any of it...

2. i love having a yard full of flowers and plants, but i kill them....they never look good for very long after i get them in the planters......i have taken the advice from all the neighbors that have beautiful yards, but mine still looks like nc in the middle of a drought.

3. i secretly enjoy reading raunchy romance novels....

4. i have been in italy for five months now, but sometimes, as i drive by the leaning tower to get back and forth to work, i look at it and cant believe that i am really here.....

5. i have a bathroom drawer full of wigs that i will wear sometimes when i am in between hairstyles, like i am currently(havent gotten to the wig wearin point yet though)

6. i wake up everyday to a loving husband, beautiful children, an overall great family and can do nothing more than thank God for all of it because i know that without Him i am not special enough or deserving enough to have any of it......

1 comment:

Leah said...

we should trade some trashy romances! LOL! and hey i didn't know you had wigs..of course..i haven't had the time to go through all of your stuff in a few years ;)

and you are deserving! ((HUGS))!!! VERY!