15 August 2008

argggg matey

a pirate, a pirate, a pirate's life for me me me me....(in sing song of course)....

thursday night, after a LONG day of work, elizabeth reminds me that she is having pirate's day....and of course it was the VERY next day....i couldnt let her be the only kid not dressed up as a pirate.....so i went through my mental checklist of everything that a pirate should wear and everything that a pirate should have......after that, i went on a semi-mad race through the house and the craft boxes to see what all i had that could be used to make her a pirate.......

needless to say that at about 11:30 or so, when we were way worn out and tired, i finally finished.....i thought that she was the cutest little pirate girl that i have ever seen and just had to share this with you......

my little pirate, with bird on shoulder to boot!!!

her mean pirate face....

so here is what we did and a list of stuff needed for any other parents that are faced with coming up with a very last min pirate costume.....

old white shirt borrowed from daddy
old red shirt borrowed from mommy
black slip, reluctantly given by mommy
black and white polka dot short given by sister (yes i know it is sad that my 7 yr old can wear my 3 yr old's clothes)
black felt
red yarn
safety pins (cause i cant sew)
magic markers
stuffed toy bird
colored beads
white nail polish
tin foil
borrowed necklaces and bracelets from mom's jewelry box

1. we cut the neck, arm, and bottom hem out of both shirts.
2. we draped the white shirt over her shoulder, then cut it down the back just long enough for us to have something to tie the thing on her.
3. we cut the red shirt in half, measured how much would be needed to fit around her waist, pinned it in place, then cut "jagged" edges all around it to allow the white to show through.
4. we cut the bottom of my slip, about 4 inches wide and used that to tie the belt.
5. the remaining red shirt was cut and used to tie a scarf on her head.
6. cut the bottom hem out of her sisters capris
7. used black felt and red yarn to make an eye patch.
8. used nail polish to "paint" the skull and cross bones on it.
9. magic marker-ed a "mom" tattoo on her arm.
10. safety pinned the toy bird on her shoulder.
11. braided a few strands of her hair, put beads on them and tied them with left over red yarn.
12. made a make shift pirate's hook out of tin foil and tape.
13. topped her off with some jewelry and arggg arggg arggg matey she was a pirate!!!

im proud to say that she brought home the "perfect pirate" award


Leah said...

stace, you are soooooooooooooo crafty!! that is awesome! and elizabeth, you are the cutest pirate i've ever seen! uncle josh, reagan and i love you to pieces--and keegan too!!!!!

Kelly said...

OH MY! She sure has grown since I last saw her at Leah's wedding!!!!!