14 July 2008

menu plan monday

ok, so i have never taken part in menu plan monday, but my best friend leah does and it seems like it might be fun, and also a way to share some really good recipes.....so here goes...

MONDAY: burgers, sweet potato fries, corn on the cob (all grilled, of course, its too hot to cook in the house!!!)

TUESDAY: chicken wraps on spinach tortillas

WEDNESDAY: grilled prosciutto and cheese on ciaccino bread (awesome italian bread) with a side of fresh fruit salad

THURSDAY: cheese raviolis with sauteed fresh veggies in a light sauce made from olive oil and fresh herbs(my one splurge at the commissary sometimes)and of course some garlic bread

FRIDAY: we have a tradition of having "friday night dinner"(goes all the way back to me growing up) and that will be the one night that we let the kids pick were we go out to eat at, so most likely it will be some kind of pasta

SATURDAY: grilled lemon chicken salad in efforts to use up all the rest of the fresh veggies before they all go bad

SUNDAY: smoked sausage and peppers kabobs with rice and grilled Green beans

BREAKFASTS: breakfasts are normally oatmeal or cereal, till the weekends(thats when stephen does his cooking) then we will have pancakes

LUNCHES: are light, normally sandwiches or leftovers if stephen doesnt take them all for his lunch

SNACKS: snacks in our house have and will always be things like crackers and cheese, animal cookies, fresh fruit, salt free pretzel sticks, sugar free pudding


ahorne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
Your menu looks fantastic - especially for this being your first week "writing it down", though I suspect you've been keeping some kind of menu for a while.

Having two boys in the military was not something I ever envisioned, however, I know that God gives us all grace for the things we need to do! Thankfully, both of them are stateside right now, but next year that will probably not be the case. We will cross each bridge as we come to it.

Kristi said...

Welcome to MPM! Your menu looks delcicious. We're having burgers tonight too; great minds think alike! Blessings!!

Brooke said...

thought i'd stop in and say hello, i'm a first timer too :) hope to see you around

Leah said...

stace....*DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL* when are you coming hOME?!??! i miss us living together and you cooking ;)