06 July 2008

how we spent the fourth!

ok, so what makes the fourth the fourth???

backyard cookouts
cakes and goodies
kids laughing
games being played
apple pie

we learned that it doesnt take all that to celebrate the fourth.....not cause we didnt want to have all that, in fact, we had planned on attending a huge 4th of july beach blowout that would end with fireworks......the only thing that would have been missing was the family......but come to find out the fireworks were cancelled.....at first i felt like it wasnt even worth going for because there was going to be no fireworks, but after a conversation with elizabeth, i changed my mind.....

she thought, at first, that the fourth was just a day that the army got off work.....poor kid didnt realize that it was the birthday of our country.....and i guess as her mama thats my fault because it never dawned on me that she didnt know, it was the biggest birthday party of the year......so, anyways, we explained it to her and decided that we would go out to the beach for the rest of the day to hang out and say happy birthday USA!!!

keegan stops playing longing enough for a quick pic

no time to look at you mammy, im having too much fun

elizabeth takes a break from sand digging

back to digging and playing

sunset over the american beach in tirrenia

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Leah said...

i'm glad you guys had a great time anyway!!! :)